The Tortoise Story: no disrespect intended

I had the incredible privilege of visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in January of this year. Walking and even sleeping among the giant land tortoises for which the Galapagos Islands are named was truly humbling and awe inspiring. They have  no natural predators there, and have been known to live up to 400 years. You can look into their eyes and anthropomorphize very easily. They seem to be wise old souls, with a sense of humor.IMG_6494 IMG_6268Once home and in the studio, I discovered they’d bored their way into my mind on multiple levels. With intention, I began to explore their form, and their old man faces.

photo(1)Next thing I knew, the psychological metaphors had hijacked my brain and I was off and running, with the many possibilities having a protective shell offers. “Courageous, with a Backup Plan” is one of the more playful renditions that emerged.

Courageous with Backup


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2 Responses to The Tortoise Story: no disrespect intended

  1. says:

    Where do you have your work? Cj. >

    • patberman says:

      Hi Carol-
      I have a few pieces at The Arts Center, some at RiverSea in Astoria, and many at home in my studio. People can contact me via email about work they see on my blog. I participate in one big show each year, Ceramic Showcase- coming up next week at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Portland. That’s a good place to see what I’ve been doing. Thanks for your interest.

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